Chaos Theater
Chaos Theater Ep. 034: the Dark Knight trilogy

Opening: "uJam Chant" by Hans Zimmer into "Boing Zoom DAKOTA!" by Shadow, from Rock Candy 1

0:01:02 - 0:15:22

Introduction & What We've Been Up To

BREAK: " The Fire Rises" by Hans Zimmer,  from The Dark Knight Rises Original Soundtrack

0:15:57 - 1:38:57

Main Topic: the Dark Knight trilogy. We cover Christopher Nolan's three Batman films as well as a quick overview of the Gotham Knight shorts.

BREAK: "A Dark Knight" by Hans Zimmer, from The Dark Knight Original Soundtrack

1:39:35 - 2:06:53

Listener Questions, featuring a voicemail from Ace Attorney Gundam

Closing: "Boing Zoom DAKOTA!" by Shadow, from Rock Candy 1

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