Chaos Theater

Opening: Intro from the Player Haters Ball segment, from Chappelle's Show

0:00:38 - 0:5:59

Introduction & What We're Drinking, with "General Hate" Austin Blake and "Captain Hate" Neo

BREAK: "Roots" by Danimal Cannon, from Roots

0:06:20 - 0:38:48

Main Topic Part 1: Star Trek: Voyager and Shows we'd like to see on HBO

BREAK: "The Big Crunch" by Danimal Cannon, from Roots

0:39:10 - 1:33:17

Main Topic Part 2: The Hate Lightning Round

BREAK: "Spacewalk" by Danimal Cannon, from "Roots"

1:33:37 - 1:40:52

Audible Recommendations & Closing

Closing: "Boing Zoom DAKOTA!" by Shadow, from Rock Candy 1

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