Chaos Theater

0:00:01 - 0:08:58 Introductions and What We've Been Up To


0:09:11 - 1:04:14 We talk about Earthbound for nearly an hour and we still didn't get to say everything we wanted about it! 


1:04:26 - 1:35:21 Mail bag and Internet whoring



The song used for the intro, segment gaps and outro is called "Boing Zoom DAKOTA!" by Shadow. It's found on Rock Candy 1, the first of several Earthbound tribute albums available at Starmen , undoubtably the number one Earthbound fan site on the internets.


Our topic next month will be the shonen magic/fighting show Fairy Tail with Tomopop's Community Manager Kristina Pino. Email your questions to chaostheatershow AT gmail DOT com or tweet us @ctcast.

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