Chaos Theater

For this episode, Chris and Pedro talk about the boobariffic zombie slaying anime, High School of the Dead. They also decide to slay the cow of Piracy, specifically when dealing with Hollywood and apathetic chumps.

OP: "Boing Zoom DAKOTA!" by Shadow, from Rock Candy 1

0:00:32 - 0:14:54

Intro & What We've Been Up To

0:14:55 - 0:35:58

Slaying the Sacred Cow: Piracy, why Hollywood and apathetic people suck.

BREAK: "Under Your Spell" by Desire, from the Drive Original Soundtrack

0:36:35 - 1:20:48

Main Topic: Highschool of the Dead. We spoil the hell out of the manga and anime.

BREAK: "After the Chase" by Cliff Martinez, from the Drive Original Soundtrack

1:21:25 - 1:57:44


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